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FAQ - Help and FAQ about Crazy squash game: squash simulation.

What is Crazy squash ?

Crazy squash is FREE flash game based on the real squash game.

Do I need to register to play Crazy squash ?

No you do not need to register. However to access the CAREER mode, you need to register.

How do I register ?

You can register by using your facebook account or you can register from here if you don't have a facebook account.

What is the career mode ?

Career mode allows to simulate a real squash player career including training, tournaments, injuries, prices, contracts.

Can I play against a REAL player ? (a human player) ?

Yes, you can ! You can even play online webcam version: You need to enter the network battle for that and invite a player to join your game

What keys do I need to use to play the game ?

You use your curor arrow keys to move and :
X : long left drive
C : left drop shot
V : right drop shot
B : long right drive

Can I make boast ?

Simply by clicking XC (left boast) or VB (right boast)

Can I play Let / Stroke ?

No we do not, but we may introduce that notion in the battle network.

In career mode, my player is slow and I cannot win a match: why ?

When starting a new career, your player has weak skills: you need to play tournaments, buy proshop items or train to get better skills.

In career mode, How can I improve my skills ?

You need money to buy items. Each items gives you extra skills.

Can I challenge best PSA players ?

Yes, in the career mode, you will challenge PSA players as soon as you get your PSA licence from the proshop (that costs 4000us$)

I saw you have many PSA caricatures ! I also want mine and be part of the game !

Yes, we can add yours as well: Click here to learn more about it

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